Thandie's Diary

Thandie's Diary
2018 . 77 min


  • Eddie Ndhlovu


  • Tariro Chitapi
  • Takura Murapa
  • Arnold Gara
  • Tinashe Pundo
  • Gift Saidi
  • Jane Dembo
  • Thabisile Khabo
  • Zolile Makeleni


  • Drama


Thandie lives life that everyone appreciates and have a high regard for. Her sister Revai wants to have a husband like hers when she gets married. All hell breaks loose when Thandie is involved in an accident and died on the spot. Revai finds Thandie’s Diary where she jotted her abusive days with her husband Phillip on the day of the funeral. Thandie’s life was the opposite that people viewed it. The film takes us through her days in the diary.

parental rating

  • PG

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